Summer 2020

It's been quite the year. Normally I'd write something here about seasonal food and the inspiration for the menu etc. but quite frankly it's hard to think what to say.

This is a menu that makes me smile, it's built out of fun ideas and interesting experiments with food that I've been able to do during lockdown. Creating these dishes was a small escape from the day to day concerns of a world on fire. I hope that coming out and eating them can offer a similar experience as we all try to take a step back towards normality.

We're working very hard to ensure that The Old Forge can be a safe and welcoming place to come and enjoy a meal and take a break from everything else going on around us at the moment. We'd be delighted if you feel like coming and joining us. In the meantime please stay safe and we hope we can look forward to seeing you soon.

Patrick Roberts, Head Chef


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