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A Little Bit About The Old Forge

                                                      I grew up in this restaurant.

My parents originally opened The Old Forge in 1988, I was born in 1992. It's fair to say that
The Old Forge that my parents owned and operated played a significant part in my young life.
As a baby my high chair was set up in the kitchen so my parents could keep an eye on me,
by the age of 2 I was rolling out fresh pasta with my father, by 10 I could tell you alarmingly
cogently what I believed made a good vs a bad wine and by 16 I would merrily tell anyone
that asked that I would categorically never be a chef.
And so The Old Forge and I went our separate ways. I left to study in Scotland for 5 years
and my parents decided that their tenure as restaurateurs had come to a natural conclusion,
deciding to devote their extensive culinary experience towards private event catering. 

I returned to The Old Forge amidst this transition, possessed of one more masters in chemistry
than I left with, but no new ideas about what it is that I wanted to do with my life and so
I simply endeavoured to make myself useful - and somewhere along the way I realised I
wanted nothing more or less than to make a living out of enjoying cooking.

And so the new Old Forge came to be.

So here we are, I reopened the Old Forge in 2019 with the aim of creating menus that are fun for all, myself included - influenced in passing by all the world's cuisines that I have been lucky enough to sample. Offering something that is simultaneously interesting, appealing, accessible and yet different.

The new Old Forge - not like the old one - but something different, something new, hopefully something fun.


- Patrick Roberts, Head Chef 


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