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Upcoming Evenings at The Old Forge:

Spring Dinner Openings

A Chance to Try our Seasonal A La Carte Menu - Open to All

17th & 18th May - Including Some Seasonal Specials

The Old Forge is open for lunch Wednesday to Saturday


​The Old Forge in the little village of Storrington in West Sussex has been in the Roberts family for over 30 years.
Originally purchased and refurbished by Cathy and Clive in 1988 the restaurant flourished for 28 years serving approachable and delicious classical food.
After shuttering the restaurant in 2016 to focus on small event catering and other pursuits the Old Forge has busied itself as a coffee shop and small local deli.
In July 2019 the restaurant was brought out of retirement by Cathy and Clive's son Patrick. He has a lot of ideas for the future of the restaurant. The good ones have been collated into what we hope is a very enjoyable, friendly and exciting dining experience.

Welcome to the new Old Forge.


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